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How To Prevent Wig Hair Coming Through The Cap To The Wrong Side

How To Prevent Wig Hair Coming Through The Cap To The Wrong Side

You may feel uncomfortable and it will change the hair looking if wig hair coming through the cap to the wrong side. Sometimes, it decides to become stubborn and what you should do is take care of your wig and wearing it in the right way.

1. You can wash it weekly, to make the hairstyle more stunning and make the human wigs soft by using the shampoo. If you don't wash the wig often, the cap and wig hair will become hard and dry. Also, try to gently swill the hair with fingers away from the wig cap (on the regular side.) the water might make the hair slick enough to slip back through to the right side.

2. Try not to wear the wig to sleep and secure it on the wig stand every night religiously. Sleeping with the wig may cause the wig to come through the caps from the other side. This is one of the best chances when it comes to preventing lace front snafus.

3. If the hair is coming through the lace cap to the wrong side, there’s no simple solution for preventing this, all you can do is take care of the wig and revive it as best you can. Try combing it very gently, close to the lace and in small portion! If you take small areas at a time you might be able to do this.

4. Tight with your head and make sure the wig won't be very slack while wearing the wig..

Tip: If necessary, cut any strands that just refuse to cooperate. This trimming, so to speak, should help get your wig back into a wearable condition.

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