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Fun And Fearless Bob Cut Hairstyle, Because IT’S 2022!

Fun And Fearless Bob Cut Hairstyle, Because IT’S 2022!

It’s 2022 and everyone can be anyone they want to be or do anything they want to do. If you are not fearless during these times and do not start ditching that old-school backward attitude, people will mow you down. So if you want to ditch your 9-5 job and travel the world go for it! If you have meaning to cut your hair super short to make your beauty routine a little low maintenance, I’d say do it!

If you haven’t been so daring in the past years, well, 2022 is the time to be brave and embrace a super-short hairstyle. Yup, bobbed haircuts are officially the trending hairstyle of 2022 and it is here to stay. Many girls fear to cut their hair sort because they think it will make their face fat or rounder. But and the chin-skimming styles are a winner regardless of your hair type and face shape. You just need to find a good hairstylist that will give the perfect cut that will match you. 

The best-known short haircut style in the 1920s was the bob. It made its first foray into public consciousness in 1915 when the fashion-forward dancer Irene Castle cut her hair short as a matter of convenience, into what was then referred to as the Castle bob. Someone suggested that it was already passé but during the Roaring 20’s it was actually the dominant female hairstyle in the Western world. Women wore it in various versions, often worn with a side-parting, curled or waved, and with the hair at the nape of the neck "shingled" short.


So many Hollywood and international celebrities have been embracing the short tresses not only that it makes them look so edgy but because this hairstyle looks incredibly youthful. Check out Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Kylie Jenner,  Khloe Kardashian and Hollywood A-listers for some inspiration if you want to cut your hair into a bob.


If you’re still having second thoughts you’re going to cut your hair short or not, you can try on some wigs first and see if it fits you. You can check out Rosabeauty for human hair wigs in bob hairstyles. They have a lot of them in different lengths that you can try out.

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