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15 Wig Wearing Tips from Hair Experts

15 Wig Wearing Tips from Hair Experts


If you’re new to wearing wigs, then this blog will help guide you along with some very simple tips on how you can wear these appearance-enhancing aids. For some people dressed in a wig can seem a bit daunting until you get comfortable with them. We hope we can help you out by giving you some advice from our hair experts.

  1. Find a wig matching your skin tone.
  2. Wear your wig Straight and Sleek.
  3. Use the curly look and make it sassy!
  4. Wave Hi to Wavy Wigs.
  5. Look for wigs with interior combs and adjustable straps to make them feel secure.
  6. Have your hairdresser cut bangs or trim the sides for better results if the hair seems too long.
  7. Clean your wig regularly.
  8. Buy a wig that fits properly.
  9. Adjust and Clip to keep it locked down.
  10. Wrap your hair around the head and pin it in place to keep your natural hair flat under the wig.
  11. Wear the sides pulled back for a demure and sweet effect.
  12. Scarves, hats, and other accouterments are your friends.
  13. Try a Braided version and let your face shine.
  14. Wig Caps are the fastest way to keep hair tucked.
  15. The "early parted" look.


Finding a wig, that matches your skin tone is paramount to wearing a wig and making it look natural. Blacks and brown tones can wash out pale skin. Make sure you seek a wig that will match for a more appealing and all-natural look.

You can have pin-straight that makes a sleek statement and looks fantastic with any attire. From business to an evening out, this is a versatile look.

Curly heads are always full of spunk! Give yourself the license to have a good time while sporting this fun style.

Wavy styles can come in different textures. Try one or try them all! The beautiful thing about wearing wigs versus natural hair is you can have any texture you like rather than dreaming about the hair you wish you had.

Look for wigs that have combs and adjustable straps to keep them secure. Most wigs will come with the belt, but combs that give additional support aren’t always easy to find. However, in most cases, the combs can be sewn together with the wig.

Make a visit to the hairdresser and have them cut bangs or trim the sides for a better match. You can also visit YouTube to learn how to cut your bangs. Just make sure you have a good pair of scissors.

Clean your wigs regularly. Not many people understand the importance washing a wig. Wigs are exposed to the elements just as human hair, so it helps to refresh them. Drying and caring for your wigs is simple. Your investment is worth preserving and by regularly washing your wigs, you’ll make them last much longer.

Purchase a wig that fits. In some cases, your head may be too small for a specific wig.


Adjust it and clip it correctly. The clips can be secured to the side of the wig rather than to each other. This should prevent the wig from bunching together.

Wrap the hair around the head and pin it in place if you have medium to longer hair. This will allow a smooth look underneath the wig.

If you’re looking for a way to pull off that demure and sweet appearance, then pin the sides of the hair to the back and use pretty barrettes or other beautiful hair jewelry.

Scarves, hats and other hair jewels are always a nice way to wear your wig in a variety of ways.

With many wig-styles there are a multitude of different ways to wear them. Try a braided version to make a different statement and a more casual look.

Wig caps are by far one of the best tools to have if you plan on sporting your wig. These nylon caps secure the natural hair so the wig can sit properly on top.

Play with the part of the hair. Part it to the side, middle, unevenly, etc., Whatever you desire, make it yours and own it!

With many wigs, you can wear them in a variety of ways. Pin the sides back, braid it, wear a scarf over the top. No matter what way you decide on, be sure to have fun!

We hope this helps you to find some ways to be more familiar with your wig and it’s many uses. For more information, contact us directly.

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