Rosabeauty 7A 2 Bundles Brazilian Hair with Frontal Deep Wave

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Product Details

  • Length

    Bundle:10-28 Inches/Frontal:10-18 Inches
  • Weight

  • Hair Material

    100% Virgin Human Hair
  • Last For

    One more year
  • Density

  • Hair Color

    Natural black
  • Can Be Dyed

  • Lace Size

    4x13 Inches
  • Lace

    Swiss, medium brown


  • Q1:How do I make an order?

    A:To pay for an order on Rosabeauty website,just follow the steps: 1)Choose the hair type,length and quantity. 2)Click the option "Buy it now". 3)Enter check out page,fill in the information as required,input a discount code. 4)Click the option "continue to shipping"-"continue to payment"-"complete order". 5)Choose payment method,PayPal or credit/debit card.
  • Q2:What types of payment do you accept?

    A:PayPal,credit card,debit card. (If you want to pay by Western Union,money gram or T/T,please contact us at
  • Q3:What if I can't log in my account?

    A:Please check whether your email address is incorrect. If you forget your login password, click "forget password" and then reset the password through email verification.
  • Q4:Why I don't receive the order confirmation?

    A:Generally speaking, after placing an order, your mailbox will receive an order notification. If you don't receive it, please check whether your email address is incorrect or check the spam email.If the question remains,please contact us at
  • Q5:What kind of logistics do you use? How long does it take?

    A:We have been cooperating with DHL and Fedex shipping companies for a long time. Orders from the UK are sent by Fedex, while orders from other countries are sent by DHL.Logistics time varies by region. After delivery, it will take about 2-4 working days to US, 2-5 working days to Europe and 3-7 working days to other countries.
  • Q6:When will the order be shipped?

    A:All orders will be shipped within 48 hours after payment.In case of any delay,we will notify you by email.
  • Q7:Do I need to pay shipping cost?

    A:All online orders enjoy free shipping,we have worldwide shipping system.
  • Q8:Do I need to pay tax?

    A:The collection of customs duties depends on the policies of your local customs. Customs systems vary from country to country and from period to period.We will try our best to help our customers avoid the problem of customs duties, but some countries have strict inspection of imported goods,the collection of customs duties is beyond our control.Paying customs duty is actually the duty of citizens. As sellers, we are not obliged to help customers pay it,hope you can understand.
  • Q9:Do you provide overnight shipping?

    A:We don't provide overnight shipping service currently. Overnight shipping for overseas shopping is relatively difficult to control, but we believe that this service will be available in the near future.
  • Q10:Can I dyed or bleached the hair?

    A:All of our hair is 100% human vrigin hair,it can be dyed with nice effect.We highly recommend you to find a hairdresser dye the extensions as you will get the results you want, coloring them by yourself always pose a high risk of not coming out the effect you want.Since virgin human hair will be easy to become dryness after leaving the hair donor, don't dye or restyle the hair too frequently,it may lead to shortening the lifespan of your hair and possibly cause damage.
  • Q11:How many bundles can make a full head?

    A:Normally,3-4 bundles will be enough for a full head.
  • Q12:Do I need to bleach the knot?

    A:Bleached knots help make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. When hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where make the hair secured.To reduces the visibility of this knot and make it look more natural,we slightly bleach the knots to lighten color already.
  • Q13:Can I restyle the hair?

    A:All of our hair is 100% human vrigin hair,so it is definitely that you can restyle the hair by yourself,like using straighten iron (don't apply a very high heat,it will damage the hair.),no problem.
  • Q14:How can I track my order?

    A:After the order is shipped,you'll get a shipping notification by email.Copy the tracking number then track it on DHL/Fedex official website.If you meet any problem in this process,please contact us at
  • Q15:When will I receive my order?

    A:Please copy the tracking number and track it on DHL/Fedex official website.On the page,there will be an estimated arrival date on the page.
  • Q16:What if the order lost during the delivery?

    A:Order loss happens occasionally, if this happens, please contact us, we will contact the shipping company to investigate and give solutions.
  • Q17:How can I cancel the order?

    A:Before the order is shipped, please contact us at for a refund.If the order has been shipped, we cannot cancel the order, but you can contact us to return the goods after you receive them.
  • Q18:What is the process to change hair?

    A:If client want to replace the hair due to personal reason or buy the wrong hair, please keep the hair in original state. Then contact our email sales@rosabeauty with describing the situation with 7 days after recieving the hair. We will provide you with the return address and detailed information.
  • Q19:Will I have a return label?

    A:Sorry that we don't have return label.Client need to contact us for the return details and steps when received the hair.After receiving the return information, please go to your local post office and return your hair.

About Hair Usage / Care

  • Basic care

    1) the combing action should be slight
    The wig should be combed before use. After putting on the wig, it can be combed a little. To comb the wig, it is better to use a relatively thin comb. When combing the wig, the method of oblique side combing should be adopted, and the straight combing is impossible, and the action should slight. You don't need to comb every day.
    2) In order to prevent the wind from blowing the wig, some people like to use a hair clip to hold the wig. However, the clip should not be used too tight. Otherwise, it is easy to smash the wig of the wig. Therefore, it is best not to use a hair clip, you can use a decorative hair band to fix the hair on the wig. 3) do not rub with your hands when washing
    Hair clips that are often worn are usually washed once every two to three months. Before washing, comb the wig and then comb with a diluted conditioner solution while washing. Do not use both hands to twist them, and can not wash the wig in the washing liquid. Using both hands to gently rinse the foam above the direction of the hair, then dry it, avoid exposure in the sun. Can not be washed with normal shampoo, you can use ordinary conditioner.
    4) After washing the wig, carefully dry it one by one, do not wrap it in a towel and dry it. After absorbing water, squeeze it out, do not screw it, and it will deform. 5) try not to approach the high temperature, because the material relationship wig is not resistant to high temperatures (except for special high temperature wire); 6) chemical fiber wigs can not be dyed, if you need to trim, you can ask a professional stylist to trim the hair. 7) a small amount of hair loss during the finishing process is a normal phenomenon;
    (Precautions for wearing wigs
    Wearing wigs generally does not cause allergies, but those with more sensitive physiques are better not to wear them. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If a person with skin disease such as dermatitis or eczema wears a wig, it may aggravate the condition and wait until the skin disease is completely discovered. In addition, the summer weather is very hot, wearing a wig is not good for perspiration, so the wearer should choose a good quality wig when choosing a wig, preferably with a breathable net, and should not be worn for a long time. How do girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First of all, you should cover your hair with a headgear so that your hair is not exposed, especially the bangs. If you use a wig, pay attention to the color and the color of your own hair, do not be out of touch. )
    8) wigs should be used to comb so that the hair dust on the wig must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the wig, dry it with a dry towel, then dry it with a hair dryer or put it on the stand to dry it naturally. This is good for health and can extend the life of the wig. 9) the wig should also be cleaned and placed on the stand to avoid folding. 10) be careful not to spray styling gel on the wig, hair wax and other hair styling agents used in this way will make the wig become sticky 11) when combing the longer wig, the wig should be divided into several sections, combing from top to bottom,beginning from the bottom up, must be slight, have patience; 12) try not to do the shape when wet, it will damage the hair. 13) Use a non-oily maintenance liquid for wigs (the method of use is also very simple: gently spray a few times on the wig before putting it on) to make the wig soft and bright and prevent static electricity, so that the wig stays moisturized. Just like when you just bought it back!
  • Q1) wig knotted?

    A: You can spray the wig care solution first, then try to comb it slowly. Use a steel comb, start from the bottom, and move it up a little. If it is difficult to organize the knot, you need to cut it directly. Rolling bigger, of course, this still requires patience. If it is curly hair, it can be done by hand.
  • Q2) the wig took a long time. How should I care after getting hair?

    A: In the process of using the wig, if there is a knotting or fluffing, you should not use strong force to comb, otherwise it may cause the wig to be short or fall. It is best to buy maintenance fluid for the maintenance of wig water, spray it well, and comb it.
  • Q3) How to deal with hair loss?

    A: If you buy a three-piece net, you can use the BB clip to fix the wig when the wig is large. If you buy a wig with three nets and a plastic net, the wig has a black high-speed car and a ribbon, and there is a hook on each side of the ear. When you feel loose, you will put the hook, and once you hang it in the back of the wig. To achieve the effect of adjustment!
  • Q4) How to protect hair after dyeing?

    A: Using some hair care products for shampooing to improve the damaged hair, but the hair that has just been burned is not suitable for washing immediately. It is recommended to wash it after forty-eight hours. The shampoo temperature should not be too high, and water below 40 °C is suitable. Repair shampoo, and some nourishing hair mask are good for dyed hair. It is recommended not to use a hair dryer after the first few shampoos to avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • Q5) Wig is too oily?

    A: Wash with shampoo and conditioner, or wash with detergent.
  • Q6) Falsely initiate static electricity?

    A: After shampooing, the conditioner can be used to align the active molecules of the hair, reduce the fiber charge of the hair, reduce the electrical resistance, and form an anti-static protective film to make the hair moist and smooth.
  • Q7) Wig split end ?

    A: I usually do my best care, so there will be very few forks, such as cleaning, placing, and hair care. Not much fork can be cut it becoming shorter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Great hair however it has a lot of red and blue string cake in 5 days After


This hair is amazing! So soft and full. The frontal comes preplucked too, I plucked it a bit more but be careful because the frontal sheds and you may get bold spots. All in all the hair is beautiful


Communication was good. Hair sheds a lil more then I was but it’s soft has no smell. I’ve only had it in for a couple days so far so good


Good hair Good


Rosabeauty 7A 2 Bundles Hair Weave Brazilian Hair Deep Wave with Frontal



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